BiliCap -
Innovative phototherapy
cover made of a
high-tex material

BiliCap® is made of a 3-layered functional specialty knit fabric. A highly elastic, breathable membrane in the core assures the phototherapy cover’s imperviousness to light. The 3D knit spacing fabric underneath ensures optimum noise attenuation, provides an anti-slip effect and permanently retains the cover’s shape. Additionally, the material is characterised by low weight and contains an active substance with permanently antimicrobial effect.

BiliCap® optimally shields the surrounding treatment places against the high light intensity while providing fast and flexible access via 4 side and 2 head/foot flaps. The one-size design allows flexible use, fitting all incubator models commonly available on the market. BiliCap® is certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, washable up to 95 °C and suitable for tumble-drying. Guaranteed permanence of function and colour even in the case of frequent laundering. Available in 2 colours with individual ornaments and embroidery.



conceptnatal Abdeckungen für Inkubatoren IncuCap

A transparent specialty fabric covering the touch panel of the phototherapy lamp ensures safe application.

Vents integrated at the sides provide optimum ventilation of the phototherapy lamp.

BiliCap® can be easily closed on the back even when using the stand.

Material: 87% PES (Trevira® bioactive), 13% PUR

Art.No. 17-00-021    fabric yellow    one-size     Astek mavi LED, Natus neoBlue

Art.No. 17-00-056    fabric mint       one-size     Astek mavi LED, Natus neoBlue

conceptnatal Abdeckungen für Inkubatoren IncuCap