With Trevira Bioactive the antimicrobial agent is based on silver and is firmly anchored in the fibre polymer. This additive exercises a permanent antimicrobial effect that is neither affected by frequent washing nor wear. It functions on the surface of the fibre and does not migrate into the surrounding atmosphere. It has been shown that Trevira Bioactive causes no change to the skin flora and is therefore compatible with the skin.

When bacteria come into direct contact with the textile, they are damaged by the silver ions, preventing them from multiplying.

Comprehensive studies by independent institutes attest to the effect of Trevira Bioactive:

- Cytotoxicity test ISO 10993-5:1993 (Huntington)
- Compatibility with the body (ITV Denkendorf)
- Long term studies with Trevira Bioactive fiber and filament yarn textiles on compatibility with the skin (Institut Hohenstein)

And antimicrobial Trevira fibres naturally bear the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 seal.